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ABS clue

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Accident investigation relies (relied?) heavily on position of a skid mark and its length. With ABS becoming the norm, this is one piece of information missing from the investigation.

I suggest that as the ABS becomes active, it sprays paint onto the floor, replicating where a skid mark would have been, or proving whether or not the brake was actually applied. It could even print the vehicle's speed too.

paraffin power, Apr 13 2005


       Having worked at a rental car "arena," I can say with confidence that this would be a horrible thing to do to the road. I don't know how many non-regulated races we had, but the roads would be covered in spraypaint, no matter where they were.
AfroAssault, Apr 13 2005

       it'd be cool to have car inkjet capability, so you could write messages to the cars behind you.
theircompetitor, Apr 13 2005

       If the ink/paint was biodegradable (gone from sun/rain) in a few days, I think it would work. Croissant!
trekbody, Apr 13 2005

       Maybe use talcum powder, or flour, or something.
moomintroll, Apr 13 2005

       If it were biodegradable and washed out in a couple of days, it would probably be much less useful for investigations. Your heart's in the right place, [paraffin], but I think this would end up either too messy or too useless.
disbomber, Apr 13 2005

       Many cars with ABS now also have a "black box" capability that records, among other things, the ABS behavior, speed, airbag deployment, etc. for the last 30 seconds before impact.
krelnik, Apr 14 2005


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