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Brake pedal positioning

Brake pedal shouldn't be higher than the accelerator pedal
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This may just be every car I've owned, but the accelerator pedal sits lower down than the brake. When I'm at half throttle, say, the difference is obviously greater.

If I need to brake, I have to lift my foot off and back over the brake pedal, which is now maybe 125mm higher. Takes time.

I propose that the brake pedal should sit lower down so rather than up-across-down with your boot you could simply slide across and stamp.

Saving 100ms at 48kph (30mph) will stop you 1.34m earlier. Could make all the difference.

paraffin power, Nov 05 2004


       I'm just guessing, but the reason for the status quo may be that if someone with big feet started to accelerate, they may not notice if their foot caught the brake on the way down making them brake and accelerate at the same time.
stupop, Nov 05 2004


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