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AI Towel Based Blowdrier

Stolen from childhood memory.
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I used to dry myself with a towel when I was a kid without having the towel touch anything but my hands. I did this by flapping the towel in front of me to whip air up to my torso, and then down onto my legs, as well. Drying your backside with this method is troublesome.

I propose two mechanical(maniacal?) arms installed into the bathroom that could grab two ends of a towel and flap air at me. By the way, if you get too close, you will hit the arms. That's okay, though. They have a nerf exterior. They should probably have some sort of electrical nanowire whiskers and use them like cats, but I don't know who's ready to go there.

daseva, Apr 07 2006

Nerf http://images.hasbr...61347_imagea400.jpg
[daseva, Apr 07 2006]

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       /...without having the towel touch anything but my hands./   

       Isn't that a sign of OCD? Do you really care if your towel doesn't touch any other part of your body?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 07 2006

       [OneOfManySpoons], I didn't say that was my motivation. I'm just saying I could. My motivation was the sound of the air and how the towel felt when it did brush past me. I guess I should have mentioned that. Thanks!
daseva, Apr 07 2006

       gerherherherhermmms (from Explorers)   

       This could also be useful in drying out delicates which are handwashed.
dentworth, Apr 07 2006


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