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Roomba Water Cannon Lawn Sprinkler

roams around hosing down the lawn
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Roomba Water Cannon Lawn Sprinkler is a model replica of a police water cannon. It roams around your lawn spraying water as it goes via its protruding nozzle, that swivels from side to side in order to distribute the pulsing irrigation spray more evenly.

For the larger lawn, a more powerful version can be connected to a mains line hose that drags along behind the vehicle.

see quick illustration

xenzag, Apr 09 2021

Roomba Lawn Sprinkler https://sodabred.tu...kler-is-an-original
[xenzag, Apr 09 2021]

water gun...no roomba, but looks powerful https://www.aliexpr...vD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
[xandram, Apr 09 2021]

For [AusCan531] https://www.waterfo...irrigation-products
Travelling sprayers like this? [neutrinos_shadow, Apr 18 2021]


       [+] Stay safe [xenzag] and maybe don't take any buses for a while either? Alternately, consider inventing some kind of fire-retardant bus-riding suit.
zen_tom, Apr 09 2021

       Just as current indoor Roombas map and collect data about your floor plan*, the outdoor lawn sprinkler version will map and collect data about your lawn, gardens, driveway, fencing**.   

       *Presumably to sell your data to companies who will sell you more furniture into which it can bump.   

       **To sell your data to companies who will sell you lawn ornaments, garden gnomes, driveway edging, and better fences***.   

       ***Or the Acme Hole-In-Fence, and the associated Roomba Doomba Dog Disguise, so as to gain access to your neighbour's lawn layout AND, by accessing the doggie door, the interior house layout.
Sgt Teacup, Apr 09 2021

       //garden gnomes// which lob miniature petrol bombs, fireworks and bits of masonry I suppose?
pocmloc, Apr 10 2021

       Sorry to hear the news from NI, [xen]. And [+].
pertinax, Apr 10 2021

       Ah... the Groomba. (+)   

       [+] Nice, think of the fun hacks, for summertime cooling games.
wjt, Apr 11 2021

       Of course [poc] // lawn ornaments, garden gnomes, driveway edging// are all weaponized, yes. Even the Hole-in-Fence/doggie door combo allows retribution against bad neighbours with the Groomba unit ''widdle indoors" program feature.
Sgt Teacup, Apr 11 2021

       I'm sort of designing one of these right now for my business - but times 10,000. I intend to spray 100s of hectares at a time on areas too soft for vehicles but where helicopters, etc. are too pricey. If I get it built I'll post a pic.
AusCan531, Apr 12 2021

       [AusCan531]; it's a good concept, but the wind may have other ideas...
(I've thought along similar lines, using 2 laminar-flow water- cannons, and having the 2 jets (probably intermittent) intersecting to "splash" over the area needing water. But I decided it's generally too windy for it to work over a large area.)
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 12 2021

       ^ I'm using a travelling spraybar rather than water cannons. Adding PolyOx is a cheap way to make water more cohesive and travel further in the wind. Some firefighters use it but I won't need it.
AusCan531, Apr 12 2021

       Wouldn't this be more fun if you gave it some motion sensors as well & marketed it as a cat deterrent?
Skewed, Apr 15 2021

       At least it isn't a "claymore roomba"
sninctown, Apr 16 2021

       ^Depends on the pressure setting.
wjt, Apr 20 2021


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