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ASCIIArt --> SVG downconverter

Hmmm... like markdown but for ascii images.
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I seen Plain PBM, and I love it! But it is kind of wasteful I admit.

I also seen ASCII art, and like the way it looks, but it does seem rather... ASCII...

I wonder if there could be an ASCIIArt --> Image converter.

Say... in a markdown file, you have a code block that is surrounded by a marker indicating that it is ASCII graphic/diagram.

Sent though this program, it will parse each character into a grid and convert it into an SVG diagram that is inserted into a markdown file. Based on the type of character and the edges it has, a string of adjacent characters could turn into a solid clean line. Maybe a string of characters specifying a colour would fill that area with a colour?

In a more silly development, you could also turn it from a formatting system, into an actual image container like "Plain Pbm" file, but for specifically formatted ASCII art.

Use case: Prettier ASCII titles ; Prettier Diagrams

P.s. Seriously why is Markdown not an evolving standard. :/ It seems to be frozen in time.

mofosyne, Jun 29 2014


       I was a bit confused by the acronyms and abbreviations, and the technical details did not clearly indicate what field of Human knowledge or endevour was being addressed by this idea. However now that I have consulted the category it is obvious!
pocmloc, Jun 29 2014

       Bah, well this time it should be approximately about 66.6% in the right category
mofosyne, Jun 29 2014


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