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A Coder's Layout

Switch the number row's numbers and symbols
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I have a numpad, so I don't need the numbers at the top row. The only time I ever use those keys is when I need one of the symbols:


So, why not switch it? It doesnt have to be a new keyboard, it can just be a keymap change.

ironfroggy, Feb 21 2003

Programmer's Keyboard http://www.halfbake...mmer_27s_20keyboard
[Monkfish, Oct 04 2004]


       When you toggle 'number lock', it should also toggle 'shift lock' on those keys. I like this.
Only mine are
angel, Feb 21 2003

       I posted something similar to this a little while ago. Seems Monkfish was already kind enough to notice.
Although I think this is a nice time to bring it up - I've been doing a lot of PHP and MySQL work on my site over the last week, and I find it pretty annoying having to press shift every time I want to refer to a variable, enter a string, open an if/else statement, and such and such. HTML is a similar situation, with < and > on shifted keys.
If we can't have this, can't we at least have a shift lock?
Parvenu, Feb 21 2003

       And mine are
FarmerJohn, Feb 21 2003

       Another idea could be a "Shift Lock" which acts only on whatever button you wish. For example, hold Shift Lock and then press the < and > keys and shift is then locked for those two keys. Perhaps an LED in the key could indicate a shift lock. While we're at it, why not add a Control Lock, Meta Lock, etc... Or even a "Lock Combination" buton where you hold the LC button, then press two other buttons to signal the first should alway be pressed with the second.
ironfroggy, Feb 22 2003

       Nice idea, but I beleive it already exist.   

       The french keyboard top row (excluding the f keys) is for symbols. You need to shift them to access the numbers.   

       Now you just need to convince your local computer retailer to order a few of theses. I can see the discussion: "Hi, I'd like to purchase a french keyboard." "O, are you french, your english is very good." "No no, I'm not french." "O, I see! You are learning french and would like to pratice your typing. Ah! L'amour." "What? No no, I dont know a single world of french. It's for coding!" "You code in french?" "No no, I code in <programing language of the week>." "...." "...in english!" "...."   

       The down side, french keyboards are AZERTY. But in a matters of days you will be at your old speed, and enjoy many shift less key strokes.
philippeqc, Apr 19 2004

       Ever seen a Commodore PET?
supercat, Apr 19 2004

       The Commodore PET used the top row of the keyboard for the characters !"#$%&'()< [where < is a left-arrow character] when unshifted, or funny Commodore-graphics characters when shifted. The only way to type numbers was via the numeric pad.
supercat, Apr 19 2004


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