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A Field Guide to Bumper Stickers

"What's that supposed to mean?"
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Most bumper stickers are relatively straightforward. "Free Tibet", "Driver needs body work", political affiliations and even names of local bands are easy enough to figure out.

But have you ever see a car with a strange symbol or other baffling decal affixed to its bumper or back window? Such bits of personalized vinyl can tell a lot about the driver. It's to your advantage to learn the meaning of those stickers, so a Field Guide to Bumper Stickers would be just the thing to have. Keep it in your car's glove compartment. Complete with index for alphanumeric stickers and small color plates for the symbols.

What does an oval "OBX" sticker mean? (Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA... perhaps the driver is wealthy enough to afford nice vacations to these barrier islands?).

How about a black sticker with a blue or red horizontal stripe? Police/fire brigade. Might not want to start a road rage incident with that one.

Gamma48, Mar 19 2009

One such symbol http://1.bp.blogspo...ssicLogo_black1.jpg
I actually have one of these on my car. [krelnik, Mar 19 2009]

South Carolina http://www.decalmen...s/PalmettoMoon2.gif
Palmetto Tree & Crescent Moon [paix120, Mar 19 2009]

Bumber Sticker UK Style http://barryowen.pw.../Halfbakery/WTF.jpg
I hope they ain't the size of a Golf Club! [gnomethang, Mar 19 2009]


       //What does an oval "OBX" sticker mean?//   

       "thinking outside the dyslexia"
FlyingToaster, Mar 19 2009

       See link for one I actually have on my car.
krelnik, Mar 19 2009

       I always thought the palm-tree-with-moon looked middle eastern until I found out it was South Carolina "Palmetto State" symbol - not so foreign after all. [link]
paix120, Mar 19 2009

       krelnik - what is that?   

       I have seen some mysterious animal ones around here and I have no idea what they mean.
paix120, Mar 19 2009

Veho, Mar 19 2009

       FlyingToaster, excelent "thinking outside the dyslexia" [marked for tagline]. As for bumper stickers, we don't really go for them in the UK, so [ ].
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 19 2009

       Au Contraire, my little reptilian friend, I found this smashing example in a golf club car park near me (Linky).
I wonder what it means??
gnomethang, Mar 19 2009

       I like this idea. I would use it on occasion to stay "in the know". +
blissmiss, Mar 19 2009

       + I love it. (a story) I had a guy at work convinced that one of our visitors was *bi* because of her bumper sticker. BI= Block Island!
xandram, Mar 19 2009

       Hmmmm, surprised nobody recognized it. It's a logo for a New York based jazz trio named Medeski, Martin & Wood.
krelnik, Mar 19 2009

       I used to have this very book. Except it was for military tac signs only, and I had to hand it back when I left the army :-)
gtoal, Mar 19 2009

       bumber is a bit of a freudian slip, gnome
po, Mar 19 2009


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