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A Game of Therms

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Whilst riding the train, one of the passengers opened the window by them, which is understandable as it was a bit hot. But, being a moving wotsit the air flows towards the rear of the carriage, ie where I was, and barely escaped being cryogenically suspended.

So, I suggest <clears throat> The Game of Therms!!! Basically all people in the carriage can play, alliances are made by wifi and the aim is to get to a point where the temperature in the train is to the liking of the majority of players, who are allowed to swap sides, betray and surreptitiously open their own window or distract people by getting a maiden aunt to faint, as a distraction.

Making alliances with the ticket collectors and other train staff is frowned on, as being ungentlemanly

not_morrison_rm, Mar 22 2016


       Sounds like a challenge. A bun if you'll tell me wot's a wotsit.
whatrock, Mar 22 2016

       I've not watched the series, nor read any of the books, but have absorbed a sense of robustness from the narrative that speaks to Darwinian notions of strength, resolve and ruthlessness from various other sources and can attest to something very similar occurring, somewhere between Streatham and North Dulwich, one peaky February morning in 2013, on a Southwest Trains carriage, packed to the gunwhales with commuters, their faces drawn into dreary masks of resolute stoicism. A young woman repeatedly rose from her chair to reopen a window a second woman had leaned over from the aisle to close. After the 3rd and increasingly hostile iteration, other members of the carriage did indeed join in, though through a mixture of motivations, not limited to addressing the meteorological conditions within the conveyance, but extending to moral and ethical considerations on the appropriate protocols to employ regards conflict resolution in a public space such as the one we found ourselves. Nobody was bodily injured, though few egos remained intact after the initial exchanges had subsided into a long and drawn-out silence, the full sense of awkwardness only finally dissipating after the train reached its terminus at London Bridge, and the occupants dispersed themselves across the city.
zen_tom, Mar 23 2016

       Does no-one travel with a set of stackable baffles, which can be clamped over an aperture to redirect the air flow through the maze of contending personal spaces, anymore?
pertinax, Mar 25 2016

       This could also be solved by a permanent Tug of war. The rope, colored from blue to red, shows tick marks and temperatures on its entire length. Heat seekers adhere to the red side, while the cool-hearted join the tuggers on the blue end. The tick mark located at the center of the carriage serves as input to the thermostat.
placid_turmoil, Mar 29 2016


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