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Print all made in china stickers in the USA

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Figure a cheaper, perhaps corn based sticker mimicking the gold foil background ovals currently employed.
evilpenguin, Dec 16 2010

It's about time we got our own back for all those crummy instructions http://translate.go...8%B6%E9%80%A0%0D%0A
[Ling, Dec 16 2010]


       You should get the Chinese to manufacture tiny "Made in the USA" stickers, to be attached to the aforementioned "Made in China" stickers.
Wrongfellow, Dec 16 2010

       Brilliant! Since the Chinese will have to purchase one of these for every item they export to the USA, all that's needed is to set the price appropriately and viola: no more balance of trade problem.
mouseposture, Dec 16 2010

       You'd need a smaller label to affix to the larger label explaining what country the label was made in. [oops - sorry Wrongfellow - that's exactly what you already said!]
zen_tom, Dec 16 2010

       It should be made in the US, but written in Chinese.
RayfordSteele, Dec 16 2010

       //You'd need a smaller label //

Recursion alert!
DrBob, Dec 16 2010

       And the product has to be shipped to the labelling factory, rather than ship the labels.
marklar, Dec 16 2010

       And spell it wrong.
Ling, Dec 16 2010

       // And spell it wrong. //   

       Yes, maybe it could be made from colored aluminum.
8th of 7, Dec 16 2010

       // And spell it wrong. //   

       No, I mean <link>
Ling, Dec 16 2010

       Protectionism disguised as a sticker. Nobody will ever suspect.
WcW, Dec 18 2010

       //Nobody will ever suspect.// Darn! Do you really think they'd cotton on?
mouseposture, Dec 18 2010

       better make it a stamp. nobody has ever done that.
WcW, Dec 18 2010

       The Chinese will declare the space within their exported label printers PRC air-space.
rcarty, Dec 18 2010


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