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A Variable Snow-man

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Firstly, A Variable Snow-man only works in winter during times of heavy snow. It's especially effective when the wind blows causing drifting to occur.

It takes the from of a standing 3D matrix of many intersecting repeated modules. If you think about a large man-made hedge, but mostly see through, then you will get the idea. The central core of the matrix would be slightly denser than the outer fringes.

The entire structure is wired internally and capable of gently heating up. This means that the heated parts reject any falling snow by melting it. A controller enables a 3D drawing to be delivered to the structure in such a way as to create the image of a snow-man (or any other basic form)

When the snow falls and blows, it only sticks to, then accumulates on, the unheated parts, gradually revealing the figure of the snow-man.

xenzag, Jun 02 2011

indominable_20snowman his companion idea [xenzag, Jun 02 2011]




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