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A cooking machine, which automatically peals, slices, boils, cooks, washes itself, and disposes the waste

You buy the raw food materials, and desired spices, add them to the machine, and voila!
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Raw products are cheaper than food in a restaurant, and cooking manually is time consuming.

Imagine a machine. Inside the machine, the key components are:

* a pot for cooking the potatoes/rice/buckwheat, with an inlet of optional auto-slicing (in case of potatoes)
* a connectable pre-processing unit for unwashed, unpeeled potatoes, which washes and brushes them
* a pot for processing meat before cooking: a shaker with a sieve and a shape-adapting matrix of electric drills above for recovering meat from bones
* an electric frypan below, for cooking vegetables and meat.
* auto-slicing inlet for vegetables
* water supply and its outlet (to the severage)
* electricity supply.
* tank for spices
* oil tank
* dish washer tank
* paper-dish casette

The machine would cook the food in the frypan and the pot separately, and then open them down, to let the food drop onto the paper-dish. After each food preparation step, them machine would wash the appropriate compartment.

Inyuki, Aug 23 2011

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Issei_Sagawa [spidermother, Nov 04 2012]


       Or, you could just learn how to cook...
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 23 2011

       It's time consuming :-(
Inyuki, Aug 23 2011

       The one I have actually gets better the more I appreciate it. Therefore, deserving though yours may be, I'm not giving a bun.
lurch, Aug 23 2011

       Or you could eat prepared foods, which are made with this sort of machinery. Only it's bigger, so you benefit from economies of scale: the food would cost you more if you operated the machine yourself.   

       This would be cool for a restaurant, though, if the customers could watch the machine in operation.
mouseposture, Aug 23 2011

       // peals //   

       Nowhere in your description of this device have I found any mention of church bells.   

       Cooking is a pain in the ass, especially when you have to live gluten-free like I do, and I also like the notion of my food coming out of the machine in a 'casette', so [+]!
Alterother, Aug 23 2011

       My need for control conflicts with this. I tend to cut vegetables longitudinally, whittle out blemishes and i only peel things whose skin or rind is inedible. I also wonder about the sensual satisfaction of preparing them and unnecessary energy use. However, there are certainly days when i'd like to use such a device.
nineteenthly, Nov 04 2012

       Cooking is a way of loving yourself (and the others too).
WcW, Nov 04 2012

       //Cooking is a way of loving yourself (and the others too).// (Link)
spidermother, Nov 04 2012

       See? His lack of preparation showed that he cared little for himself or his victim. Just trying to eat the fresh corpse was going to waste a lot of good meat, and everyone knows that Human Tartar must be ground to be fully enjoyed. This really is an object lesson.
WcW, Nov 04 2012


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