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A new business plan

Is this one patentable?
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If it's now possible to patent a business plan, why not patent the business plan of patenting a business plan?
rmutt, Mar 02 2000

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Where will the madness end? [agentv, Mar 02 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       ...this is the next logical step. See the link for someone else who tumbled to the very same conclusion.   

agentv, Mar 07 2000

       I regret to inform you that the discussion above is patented in the US under patent number "1UD1CR10US" by dnm with the title "Patent Covering Discussions About Patenting Business Plans Which Patent Business Plans"   

       Please contact your legal cousel and refer them to the firm of Dewey, Cheetam, & Howe regarding this matter ASAP.
dnm, Apr 09 2000

       I've just realised! I'm off to patent "half-baked" and you all now owe me royalties...
philosphus, Jun 27 2000

       There are emotional differences???
Alcin, Aug 27 2000


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