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Abandonware source code escrow

So nothing is lost...
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Independent coders often write very good programs, often updating a few versions to keep people happy. But their interests wane, and eventually they completely abandon their project.

Not everyone likes to develop with an open source. Maybe they intend to sell it, or just want ultimate control over releases. Either way, the project effectively dies when they stop.

That's where the source code escrow comes in. It's a free public service that accepts authors' source code and guards it viciously. After a period of inactivity, say 3-5 years, the source code is released to the public under a GPL licence.

No longer will neat little utilities die when the author forgets about them. Their code will live on forever, to be upgraded or incorporated into new programs.

Aq_Bi, Feb 15 2007


       //guards it viscously//

That's far more evocative than what you meant to write.
angel, Feb 15 2007

       There is only one solution to the matter. You must teach us all that you know.   

       But it takes years to reach the top. Being a coder is not easy, either you are born with the calling or you are not, and the chances of that are about 1 in a million.   

       It is obvious I am the chosen one
MercuryNotMars, Feb 15 2007


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