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CDN for Scientific/Maths JavaScript libraries

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There are SciPy and NumPy which when installed can be easily called by an "import" command.

I think it would be nice if there is something similar to that as well.


<script src="jsmath.com/math/complexnum.js"> </script>

Think of it as a package manager for on line javascript pages, since it can be shared easily. Which is useful for researchers who want to share their work, especially in an interactive manner.

mofosyne, Jul 30 2014

Open Source Complex Class for Java http://commons.apac...omplex/Complex.html
Yes, I know, Java isn't JavaScript - but if javascript has an equivalent to an import command - then all that remains is to either search for an existing implementation, or build one yourself... [zen_tom, Jul 30 2014]

Google: javascript complex math http://mathjs.org/
1st hit, is this what you're talking about? [zen_tom, Jul 30 2014]

For display of math(s) in your website http://www.mathjax.org/
Can be included in your pages as a hosted reference/import. [zen_tom, Jul 30 2014]

MathJax CDN http://docs.mathjax...rt.html#mathjax-cdn
This is what I would like to see, but for mathjs etc... [mofosyne, Jul 30 2014]

http://d3js.org/ http://d3js.org/
d3js is more for data visualisation, but there are some maths bits in there - CDN at http://d3js.org/d3.v3.min.js [zen_tom, Jul 30 2014]

Github Tutorials for d3js https://github.com/...k/d3/wiki/Tutorials
[zen_tom, Jul 30 2014]



       I looked at mathjax and mathjs. MathJax CDN is exactly what I would like to see but for MathJS.   

       Also I envision that this dedicated CDN, would not just contain MathJS, but also contain pretty much all the extra functions you would usually find with SciPy or Matlab.   

       E.g. FFT, ODE solvers, etc...   

       Just need to search up the 'package/modules' in this domain, and then link to it.   

       This domain does not even have to store the files, perhaps it could be somewhat like a redirect services, pointing to the latest files in MathJS servers etc... But I would expect that a CDN would at least store a backup mirror copy, just in case servers storing the official MathJS, FFT functios, etc... goes down.
mofosyne, Jul 30 2014

       Sounds like a great target for MITM/XSS attacks.
Spacecoyote, Jul 30 2014

       It depends on what you're doing - but yeah - that's an issue.   

       [mofo] theres a load of data vis methods on d3js - not sure if that's quite what you're looking for - but having done all your maths, and assuming you've got data to work on - these provide some keen tools for displaying it in an interesting way.
zen_tom, Jul 30 2014


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