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Abbey Road Tread-mill

exercise machine
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Abbey Road Tread-mill is a reconstruction of the famous album cover, only it's in the form of a continuously moving tread mill, complete with authentic back-ground scenery to match the original set-up.

Now you can dress as your favourite Beatle, get three friends to join you, nip down to your local gym and start speed walking as the cameras flash.

xenzag, Nov 14 2008

Abbey Road http://www.mofahaim...roadescalator_1.gif
looks like this, if you do it properly [xenzag, Nov 14 2008, last modified Feb 08 2009]


hippo, Nov 14 2008

       for ever
xenzag, Nov 14 2008

       + quaint!
xandram, Nov 14 2008

       Just found the new link that says it all.
xenzag, Feb 08 2009

       Cool ... a role-play work-out themed from my favorite album by my favorite band.   

       George, James, Richard, or John? Hmmnnn. Can I be the dude with the long hair?
Speed Razor, Feb 08 2009


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