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Active Wing

Small wind ducts in wing create lift instead of flaps
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Air is actively directed in and out of the wing over all of its surface.

To do so small controllable ducts are available throughout the wing with either many small air pumps or many small fans, or with a system of suction/blow pipes from a central air pump.

Can perhaps allow even for (slow but steady) short takeoff and landing or even vertical takeoff and landing.

pashute, Nov 14 2016

has this been baked https://www.youtube...62WyIdexl0&t=20m48s
[pashute, Nov 14 2016]

coanda effect aircraft - not this idea http://www.boatdesi...hy-not-36558-2.html
[pashute, Nov 14 2016]

Blavkburn Buccaneer https://en.m.wikipe...Blackburn_Buccaneer
[bs0u0155, Nov 15 2016]

High Wing Loading Airliner High_20Wing_20Loading_20Airliner
[bs0u0155]'s idea. [8th of 7, Nov 23 2016]


       Coander effect ? WKTE ....
8th of 7, Nov 14 2016

       Coanda. No, this is using direct lift from inside the wing and out of it from ducts.   

       See links.
pashute, Nov 14 2016

       Yup, blown flaps. F104 had them. TSR2 had them. The most extreme example is probably the Blackburn Buccaneer <link> which had a blown wing, blown flaps and interestingly a blown horizontal stabilizer. In the 60s this was popular, there are disadvantages. You have to keep all the ducts clean, and if your (only, in the case of the F104) engine dies, a bunch of lift goes with it. No fun. After that they got interested in variable geometry. That turned out to be a maintenance nightmare too, so no-one really does that anymore. Instead engines got better, a few other tricks emerged, leading edge extensions, making the fuselage a lifting unit, some canards here composites there, no more blown lifting surfaces
bs0u0155, Nov 15 2016

       Would a whole lot of tiny arcs between an array of terminals embedded in the wing do the same thing? The only problem being, the need for a, yet to be discovered, capable charge generator.
wjt, Nov 15 2016

       [bs 0u0 155] I looked in the Buccaneer link and all my "duct" search comes up with are: Introduction, production, conduct, and reduction.
pashute, Nov 23 2016

       See the "Hunting H.126" in "High Wing Loading Airliner" by [bs0u0155].   

8th of 7, Nov 23 2016


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