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Adaptive Fractal Tetracopter

A.K.A. the Twister
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This is an adaptive, flapping propeller-driven version of Leonardo's screw helicopter.

Come on baby. When you step onto the circular platform and do an imitation of the Chubby Checker move, the three overhead propellor-tetrahedrons, which are attached to the platform by strong pool noodle type structures, catch the air with you first twist and then drag you up onto the sky with your reciprocal twist.

The contraption turns reciprocating motion into triangular pistoning figure 8 strokes based on leverage and adaptive aerodynamics. The circular platform has a ships steering wheel structure you can hold onto which ke you twist for leverage.

I always enjoy burning some words before breakfast.

JesusHChrist, Nov 30 2016

Feathers! http://sploid.gizmo...g-freaks-1789724543
A feathery, flappy link just for [JesusHChrist] [neutrinos_shadow, Dec 06 2016]


       I like this very much for a scifi concept lightgravity world personal transport.
bungston, Nov 30 2016

       [JHC] I think you may be wildly underestimating the effort needed to become airborne.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 01 2016

       If this actually flew it would be a twist we didn't see coming.
AusCan531, Dec 01 2016

       // the effort needed to become airborne. //   

       Swallowing a few of those little pink tablets doesn't seem to demand much effort ...   

       Don't forget to contact ATC if you exceed 5000' AMSL.
8th of 7, Dec 01 2016

JesusHChrist, Dec 01 2016

       Those sky noodles are going to have to work all the different physics actions, with some very innovative play of their inter-relationships. End of the world as we know it ways.
wjt, Dec 03 2016

       The important thing is, "Do you feel fine" ?
8th of 7, Dec 06 2016

       [JHC] I think you may be wild
normzone, Dec 06 2016


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