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Adaptive Two-way Flappy Bird

Video game conversation assistant
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This is Flappy Bird but for two people and adaptive.

It occurred to me, while I was playing Flappy Bird and conversing with the lovely Mrs. Christ, that Flappy Bird is a series of estimations that are regular, and articulate your experience of the world, but are pretty unforgiving, although that does provide you with the opportunity to "lose your soul" and learn from your mistakes while you are regenerating a life.

So in the spirit of re-incarnation, why not: 1. Make it easier so that your regeneration is incorporated into your ongoing learning process so that you don't die in the game but maybe are slowed down until you learn to make the correct estimation, and 2. Play it with someone else while you are having a conversation with them, so that your conversation can correlate with the mutual estimations you will be making in the game.

So, Flappy Bird allows you to make a very quick ballistic estimation over and over in a forced repitition. If the opening in the "poles" in Flappy Bird were set by the other person, and if they received an opening that had been set by you through the timing of your flap, then the mutual success of the openings matching each other could be incrementally taught over the course of repetitions, AND this could be matched, at gradually less and less of an unconscious level, with the back and forth of your conversation.

JesusHChrist, Feb 01 2014




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