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Adjustable Gas Pedal Sensitivity

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Many cars have gas pedals that need to be pushed quite far to make the vehicle move. Others have pedals so sensitive where just tapping it makes the vehicle take off.

This idea is for an adjustable gas pedal. You can set it to whatever sensitivity you want.

You could set it anywhere from "flooring it makes you go 25" to "tapping lightly makes you go 50".

With old style cable-controlled throttles, it could be likely implemented by slackening or tightening the cable. With newer electronically controlled throttles ("Drive-by-wire"), it could be done in computer software.

wolstech, Sep 19 2009


       Slackening or tightening the cable would, I think, shift the range but not alter the ratio. Something more leverish is needed.   

       But otherwise, yes, OK.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 19 2009

       oh, come on, open the hood why don't you, [mareked-for-deletion] widely known to exist.
zeno, Sep 20 2009

       Do a lot of cars have "drive by wire" now? Mycarstill has amechanical connection from the pedal to the throttle.   

       Also note that this can be accomplished by dhifting down to a ower gear when you wnt a faster response from the pedal (yes most automatics can do this too).
DIYMatt, Sep 21 2009

       I disagree with the(mareked for deletion).   

       My '05 Camry has drive by wire, the first time I've owned one, and while most of the pedal sensitivity is fine the first touch requires a lot of babying not to whiplash you a bit.   

       And I'll wager it's either not editable or would require some serious cracking.
normzone, Sep 21 2009

       I'd wager it would be quite easy to do in a safe manner and not at all a bad idea.
egbert, Sep 21 2009


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