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Adult "Activity Center" Toy

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Babies are often provided with an activity board covered with fun objects that they can spin, squeeze, squeak, dial, open and close, etc. These activity centers help children build critical motor skills that they need to grow.

Unfortunately, as adults, we get hassled by much more complicated objects and assemblies, and many of us never develop the proper skills to manipulate them.

I think an practice activity board for adults should be created. This toy should include:

- Straps and buckles, such as those on a backpack or life jacket, which you need to know how to adjust the length of;

- Shoelaces, to help you learn how to tie someone *else's* shoes (e.g. your own child's); also a completely unlaced shoe, to give you practice getting that started;

- bra straps: useful for men, who probably don't get enough practice unfastening these but want to be ready when the time comes;

- A facemask with straps: useful preparation for when you find yourself on an airplane without air and need to be able to affix the oxygen mask quickly;

- Various child-proof medicine caps;

- A generic digital clock with a MODE and a SET button; provides the vital skills necessary to set any clock including your VCR's;

- There should be some easy activities too, to keep you from getting discouraged, such as a Velcro flap that you can stick and unstick, or some bubble wrap.

Now adults can practice the motor skills they need in order to develop into healthy seniors. It's recommended that you learn to do each of these skills with your eyes closed. Time how long it takes you to perform each skill, and then challenge a friend to beat you!

Thank you.

phundug, Apr 25 2007

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Reminded me of this. [jutta, Apr 25 2007]

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The technology of bras is complex for a REASON. Something like this could start a bra strap arms race in complexity. [futurebird, Apr 25 2007]


       And this is not the climbing wall at the gym?
DrCurry, Apr 25 2007

       Haha, fantastic!
fridge duck, Apr 25 2007

po, Apr 25 2007

       //And this is not the climbing wall at the gym?/ You have bra clasps on your climbing wall?
coprocephalous, Apr 25 2007

       How about one to help me better unpack and apply condoms? I realize that's a touchy subject, but really, it'd be helpful. [+]
Noexit, Apr 25 2007

       well, if you're going there [noexit], there could be realistic models of the male reproductive organs (for females) or the female system (for males). But those probably exist already in specialty shops.
phundug, Apr 25 2007

       I like the reverse-shoe-lace idea. I've got the bra-strap thing down with 1 hand in half-a-second from over the shirt, and maybe a tuck-and-roll activity for when you trip, so you don't break your hip. How about a can-opener?
twitch, Apr 25 2007

       Sounds like Phundug is going for an "adult" activity center "toy." I was half expecting something of that nature.   

       Hey, how about one that teaches folks basic cooking skills, like boiling eggs, stirring soup, and cutting carrots. I find it a little disheartening when I have to teach someone how to do that... and yes, I have to do that pretty often with people over the age of 18.
ye_river_xiv, Apr 26 2007

       Where do you come up with this stuff!?
quantum_flux, Apr 26 2007

       Each activity center should come with a glass of Ba-Tampte half-sour pickles, to build up upper body strength.
jutta, Apr 26 2007

       Me likes. Me wanna play. NOW!+
Ling, Apr 26 2007

       From the title I was almost scared to look at this idea. I find myself pleasantly surprised.   

       Changing a attached plug might be useful for some, get it right and the activity toaster will work.
skinflaps, Apr 26 2007

       Great idea.
hidden truths, Apr 26 2007

       I would like to add a mini-dashboard with directional signals, as many adults don't know how to use them!! [+]
xandram, Nov 04 2010

       bun! but add something for opening those preposterous plastic packages.
Voice, Nov 05 2010


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