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Advanced Restroom Mercy Apparatus

Automated mercy flushers and scent maskers
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Public restroom engineers have brought fine innovations to restrooms, such as the door-triggered air freshener sprayers (that never get refilled after the canisters go empty); hands-free flushers, sinks, and hand dryers; seat napkins; etc.

I was thinking about the concept of mercy flushing--giving a flush if somebody walks in the restroom while you're releasing solid waste--and walking into empty but obnoxiously oderifous restrooms--and holding back gags.

Toilets could have IR devices on them that detect when someone is sitting down for a deposit. If the door opens while someone sits on the toilet, the IR device would make the toilet flush to help remove some odors.

Or the IR device would trigger an air freshener canister and blast Mountain Meadow freshness out once for every few minutes someone sits on the toilet.

A device could spray air freshener every time someone flushes, but still, someone would have to reliable replace empty canisters.

An alternate to IR devises could be scent detectors, which are developing rapidly.

Or toilets could have exhaust fans on them--in or near the bowls (wet-dry vac technology, if needed). They could have a variety of triggers, but I prefer something automated because there's a bit bigger chance of getting some mercy, then.

1kester, Apr 05 2002

AutoClean http://www.technica...ducts/autoclean.htm
But they don't sell a bowl-mounted exhaust fan and this mainly promises cleanliness. [1kester, Apr 05 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

The United States Patent and Trademark Office http://www.uspto.go...004.htm#C004S348000
Class 4: Baths, Closets, Sinks and Spittoons
Entertaining reading. [angel, Apr 05 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Found a ventilated toilet on the market http://www.voft.co.uk/
[1kester, Apr 05 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Fan-vented toilet pans do actually exist.
angel, Apr 05 2002

       The 'wet/dry vac' thing could help against walking in and finding a pool full of blind mullet, too...
StarChaser, Apr 06 2002

       Flushing sprays water out of the toilet. I think I'm better off not having filth splashed back on my legs and nethers
Voice, Dec 31 2022


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