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Advent Calendarrr!

A completely novel idea which definitely no-one will have ever thought of before
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So Christians have the concept of an advent calendar, a cardboard image used to mark off days in the lead-up to their big festival through the medium of small doors revealing tiny pictures. In recent years, the raw power of consumerism has led to the introduction of a chocolate behind each door.
Why should Christians be the only ones to do this? All other religions are missing a trick here.

For Pastafarianism, I propose the Advent Calendarrr, on which an image of a pirate ship has 18 numbered windows on doors, port-holes and the like. These are to be opened from the first to 18th of September, the lead-up to International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
Each window has a cubby-hole containing a foil-wrapped chocolate[1] or other confection with a piratical theme- including, for example: various pirates with false appendages, cutlass, treasure map, cannon, cannon-ball, parrot, pirate ship, skull & crossbones, anchor, ship's wheel, a piece of 8 (good for the 8th window), treasure chest... that sort of thing.

[1] Significantly larger than those of current advent calendars, to represent the many advantages of this religion.

Loris, Dec 31 2021

pirate advent calendar https://www.amazon....-931069215808&psc=1
baked by Playmobile [xandram, Dec 31 2021]

Such an unfortunate name... https://theartofpan...christmas-calendar/
Back. Away. From. The. Box. [RayfordSteele, Jan 01 2022]


       How shall we construct the Buddha-der? I'm in.
blissmiss, Dec 31 2021

       //baked by Playmobile//   

       Ah yes. ...
"Warning. Choking Hazard."
Loris, Dec 31 2021

       It's too late but I would have liked the Pirate version that xandram linked to, for Christmas.
blissmiss, Dec 31 2021

       //Christians seems to have a lock//   

       Ehhhhhhh ... what?
pertinax, Jan 01 2022

       Don't open the one from Pandora, regardless of how much you may like their jewelry.
RayfordSteele, Jan 01 2022

       How about a Russian Doll Advent Calendar? Opening each door reveals a completely new advent calendar.
xenzag, Jan 01 2022

       [x] there are form factor and scaling issues to a recursive calendar, mostly because of only having 3 dimensions in which to work. I suppose it is only the front panel that has to be normal sized; the back end of the calendar could be perhaps 1m deep. Then each door could reveal a pull tab and you could pull out a very long rod, perhaps 1m long and 2cm wide and 2cm deep, which is the 2nd level calendar (perhaps with 24 doors for the 24 hours of the day). Each door in the 2nd level calendar would then open to reveal a small cube with a door in each face (perhaps one for each 10-minute increment of that hour). Each cube-face door would open to reveal a small pyramidical shaped object, whose 5 faces each has two doors, one per minute. Behind each door is a small illustration of something that looks vaguely symbolic or significant but you can't quite make out what it is.   

       As for the original idea it is fine except it should have 364 doors.
pocmloc, Jan 01 2022

       But not chocolate behind each one. My kids get sick of the chocolate by day 15.
RayfordSteele, Jan 01 2022

       //As for the original idea it is fine except it should have 364 doors.//   

       I'll see that and raise you one door, with my Full year advent calendar. That's a completely different product line.
You probably forgot about it because you treated it as a box of chocolates and binge-ate them all on the first day.
Loris, Jan 01 2022


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