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Minute at a Glance

A time management tool to 'measure up'
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Newest and most essential addition completing the popular series (day, week, month, year) "AT~A~GLANCE" calendar line. A Minute at a Glance calendar is soft-bound 3"x 4" notepad with pen/pencil attached by string or small chain.(dispensable/rewinding) Pages are lined front and bacl/
Some things need to be scheduled and/or written down to remind us so they get done, little errands "need stamps, watch repair, pickup dry cleaning, wash car, buy vitamins, call exterminator, mom's b-day card)... as you think of some thing you write it on the minute at a glance page for ASAP handling. The pad can always be kept with you and as soon as you think of something, an item is written onto the current page and crossed off or(check 'done' box) as you do entered task []

This little list maker helps manage details without taking up valuable memory cells in the brain... sometimes just the act of writing it creates the space in time to get it done. Minute at a Glance serves to keep issues flowing to solution but at the end of the day you have a 'receipt' for your time. You can acknowledge accomplishing all those little personal things that are required to be done, to succeed at anything else. \*;*/
no12pass, Dec 27 2003

not like this then? http://www.filofax.co.uk/
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       po)like that to a degree.. but I needed less, more! Daily schedules dictated by "important" biz and social activities (appts/meetings/conf. calls)overshadow personal notations... and necessary personal tasks or errands don't make daily "schedules" cuz I figure I'll remember I'm out of vitamins, or ?... scraps of paper get misplaced, a Minute at a glance is a bit more official... and those companies who produce such things have stopped short of it.

Like it or not... I still can't do a year at a glance
no12pass, Dec 27 2003

       no 12. its all too complicated for me, I need a lie down or something. I think you should get out more (and that is ironic coming from me!)   

       where on your list does it say - spend huge amounts of time on halfbakery?   

       I just have a huge piece of paper cellotaped to the kitchen cupboard and when I cannot write any more on it, I make a new one. some jobs have been on that list for years...
po, Dec 27 2003

       Sp: back   

       Well, [no12pass], thanks for playing, finally. Glad to see some folks doing some homework before posting. Seems as though we've had a rash of participants that failed to do the easy work ...   

       As for the idea, its original, however I coldn't see myself using it. I agree with po - using a big blank piece of scratch paper has served me well in the past. You get my bun for a practical, bakeable idea.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 27 2003

       excuse me Mr Reensure, but Mr Letsbuildafort is with me so why are you with Mr Letsbuildafort and not with me ?
po, Dec 27 2003

       Yeah! ... and she means business! Just look! She's spairingly using capitol letters!
Letsbuildafort, Dec 27 2003

       <pout> it's a bloke thang isn't it! :)
po, Dec 27 2003

       Aww, don't pout, [po] ... here, you can have the rest of my hot chocolate <comforting>
Letsbuildafort, Dec 27 2003

       ta - sheesh, make it tea!
po, Dec 27 2003

       luvva bun!!

... 1/2B will never "only take a minute" so wouldn't make the list, but it was when I took my list off the fridge and shrunk it to pocketsize those nagging little tasks got crossed off and left me more time to play, like here on 1/2B
no12pass, Dec 27 2003

       Sticky notes are our freinds. +   

       Write it on your wrist or hand.You wo'nt fail to notice it and remember.
python, Dec 30 2003


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