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Aerodynamic Batbrella Rain-glider

hangglider umbrella
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This is for when you have to go on long walks in the rain -- shaped like batman's cape and allow you to steer it into the air above your head but floppy enough to turn insode out in a strong gust. The advantage is that it sort of carries itself if you are walking fast, andgives you something to play with on your long walk.
JesusHChrist, Oct 30 2013

Naked Heater Coil Raincoat Naked_20Heater_20Coil_20Raincoat
more JHC rain gear [JesusHChrist, Oct 30 2013]


       ummmm, I think you should consider revising your last sentence....la de da.
xandram, Oct 30 2013

       I like it the way it is. What the words say to the reader is often more significant than what the writer meant them to say. It gives the premise deeper relevance.
Alterother, Oct 30 2013

       ...and gives you something to play with, besides your penis, which is sticking through your naked heater coil raincoat(link), on your long walk.
JesusHChrist, Oct 30 2013


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