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Funnel Umbrella

Keep Dry, Stay Cool
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I can't speak for everyone, but I know that every time it rains I get terribly angry. All that water soiled by the filthy filthy ground and my chances at achieving enlightenment soiled by my lackluster umbrella dripping from around the edges. Or having to share the precious rain coverage of an umbrella with a friend or loved one only to find the both of you soaked. Now maybe I'm just too cheap to purchase a large enough umbrella to fix my problem, but I feel as though I have a solution.

Rather than have the top of the umbrella form a point, have it formed upside down and work like a funnel, channeling the water from above you down through the hollow shaft. A curved spout at the bottom could redirect the water away from your feet and land it at safe distance. In the case that windblown rain is causing too much of a problem, it could come equipped with counter flaps that fold down in the form of a standard umbrella. Giving you a shield against the wind and the dripping water.

Additionally, filters could be added to the interior of the shaft, and a spout capable of screwing on a standard sized water bottle. So you can refill as you as go, while staying environmentally friendly.

(first timer)

Poops, Dec 09 2007

Inverted_20Umbrella sorry [poops] [xenzag, Dec 09 2007]


       Is it wrong if I'd use it mostly to just spray the jerk behind me that splashes when he walks.....   

       [+] for public rudeness.
Night, Dec 09 2007

       Welcome [poops] but it's best to check thoroughly before posting. Umbrella, for example, has a few sub-headings, which include the one in the link.
[marked- for- deletion] redundant.
xenzag, Dec 09 2007

       He's trying to tell you that they're trying to tell you it's been done before.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 09 2007


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