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Aerogel graphene

Vaccuum/hybrid helium Blimp
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title says it

outer graphene in korea ty (the korean) people! inner aerogel with pores of helium

free flights for all humnpeople

vtolled, Jun 25 2010


xandram, Jun 25 2010

       aerogel blimp has been done. lurk moar.
Voice, Jun 25 2010

       Beanangel, meet vtolled. Vtolled, meet Beanangel.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 25 2010

       hello beanangel are you people on here often, any other good websites   

       Cheers, Kevin
vtolled, Jun 25 2010

       I think the key word here is "korea" with that capitalisation.
nineteenthly, Jun 26 2010

       Upsadasium for all mankind. Aerogel and helium and graphene. Whats graphene? The graphene must be used to write the advertisments on the sides I guess.
darkspeed, Jun 26 2010

       Graphene is a single sheet of graphite which has combined with other elements.
nineteenthly, Jun 26 2010

       Yes [vtolled] copvscia.com is a very good website.
zeno, Jun 26 2010

       think sheeting of graphene cm/ mm's thick. The sheet holds out the pressure. As the inside is air, helium, and aerogel.   

       Pick a shape
vtolled, Jun 29 2010


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