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Afterlife iPhone

An iPhone for the recently deceased
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So, first off, this is an idea my uncle had that he wants me to post

It's an iPhone, but for the deceased to "use" in their coffins. It stores all the deceased's favorite songs and playlists, and plays for the dead person in the coffin. It is to be placed on the dead person in the coffin, by relatives or whomever would be charged with the task of doing so.

The point is, you'd have all your favorite songs in the afterlife. I guess sort of like how the ancients used to bury their pets and prized posessions with the deceased, for the afterlife. Not that my uncle literally believes in an afterlife; it's just that the idea is comforting.

Also, it can be set to call your relatives after a set period (like a year), to leave an after-death message. Like something along the lines of "Hey, it's me, do you guys miss me?"

It also has a call feature, just in case you've been buried alive, so you can call for help. In that case, it serves double duty, because you can listen to your songs while waiting for people to dig you back out.

EdwinBakery, Sep 09 2010

Last Messages Club http://www.lastmess...k/lmc/Main/Home.asp
[ldischler, Sep 09 2010]


       No need to go through the expense of burying a phone, just hire a messages-from-the-dead service.
ldischler, Sep 09 2010

       creepy, and whatever happened to the bell-on-a-string ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 09 2010

       Will the bereaving be comforted in knowing the battery will die in about 7 days?   

       ...or in one if the the iPod is placed in the coffin playing music?   

       How about the lack of cell reception underground?
Cedar Park, Sep 10 2010

       _______ //call feature, just in case you've been buried alive//
__plus: //after-death message. Like something along the lines of "Hey, it's me//
equals: <left as an exercise for the reader>
mouseposture, Sep 10 2010


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