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Set up a casino in your own home
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Home casinos have never really taken off, perhaps due to certain gambling laws... however, AirCasino is a Casino in your own home where people can come to play for a fixed "entrance fee". This isn't really gambling as you're paying for a service. AirCasino has a host/player review feature where trust is gained through good reviews. There is also a mechanism to be able to add references for players or Casino hosts. Host who receive the best reviews can become super-Casino hosts and appear higher up on the website listings...

This is definitely a completely original idea!

AndyH, Feb 04 2016


       Where is the aircraft in this Idea? Casinos on cruise ships are well known, but on aircraft? Perhaps the problem is, air travel is associated with "in a hurry". Change that, perhaps by re-introducing dirigibles, and an AirCasino would be an excellent Idea.
Vernon, Feb 04 2016


       " This is definitely a completely original idea! "
normzone, Feb 04 2016

       Vernon, there is no airplane relation. The reference is to AirB&B's, which have people paying to stay in your home while you are on a trip. There is no real airplane then either. Like an airplane in your home...hahahaha.   

       This idea is just for the same type of service but for a casino. I think it's a rather nifty idea, but probably totally against all the gaming laws we have in this country. So they would have to be underground, sketchy, sneaky, and quite above the law. All of which make me definitely give this a winning +.
blissmiss, Feb 04 2016

       The great thing about AirCasino is, being at someone's home you'll find some casinos have various colour chips missing etc... so you might end up playing with the odd buttons or 2p coins just laying around the house.. no doubt one of the review ratings would be "quality of casino chips"...
AndyH, Feb 05 2016


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