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Casino Court of Law

You know you have better odds rolling the dice ;)
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I propose all parties engaged in litigation in any Court of Law should be offered by the Judge the opportunity to take a predetermined estimated amount of fees the lawyers are going to charge and be allowed to make a voluntary settlement in which the Judge takes the proceeds and places a wager on their behalf.

If he wins they split the pot and go on their merry way if not at least the lawyers don't get it and the case is settled...

It's a voluntary court approved casino settlement... Your throwing the dice in court anyways...

Shapharian, Sep 18 2007


       A rockin' idea. The only thing is that lawyers have fee contracts and will still probably be able to take some of the winnings.
bnip, Sep 18 2007

       Hmm... if the parties win i'm sure the lawyers will attach a lien for a 1/3 leaving 1/3 for the plaintiff and 1/3 for the defendant plus court costs.   

       The Court should waive all court costs because it saves them money and time and the Judge gets to have a little fun...
Shapharian, Sep 18 2007

       If you need a lawyer, it's already too late.
nuclear hobo, Sep 19 2007


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