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Make money from your dunny. Travel with confidence.
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Make money from your toilet, bring the sharing economy to your dunny. Assign points for client politeness and cleanliness. For customers, never get caught short again. Travel with confidence that you can 'drop off the wife and kids' anytime anyplace completely at your leisure. With host scoring and reviews for extra confidence.
TonyDeaf, Dec 04 2018

https://xkcd.com/168/ [hippo, Dec 04 2018]

https://europa.eu/e...ountries/germany_en Germany's EU contribution as % of GNI: 0.59 % [4and20, Dec 07 2018]

Germany contributed 19% of EU budget, 2016 https://www.statist...e-of-contributions/
[4and20, Dec 07 2018]

Puber https://www.youtube...watch?v=ZJcakZ6Viu8
Puber idea by Tosh.O. [TonyDeaf, Dec 08 2018]

good2go.global https://www.good2go.global/index.html
Now in San Francisco. Locations (eg restaurants) get free facility maintenance. Patrons get free access tickets; outside users can pay for a well-maintained, clean bathroom without being suspected of freeloading. The reactions have, predictably, been thoroughly negative. [jutta, Dec 10 2018]

Airpnp app (2014) https://www.nola.co...e_bathroom_pee.html
Find bathrooms during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. [jutta, Dec 10 2018]

Airjohn airjohn
This idea, but sooner [Voice, Dec 20 2018]


       I'm amazed this hasn't already been done (also - Welcome to the Halfbakery!)
hippo, Dec 04 2018

       I met a traveler from a rich family who used to ask to see rooms in 5 star hotels just so she could use the toilet. When you have to pay, say, 2 Euro to use a toilet in Berlin of all places (toilet-cum-city extraordinaire), like a lot of grungy German cities, you suddenly feel like pissing straight in a lot of German faces.   

       Welcome to the HB. But you can't use the toilet without paying [-]
4and20, Dec 04 2018

       Just do what [MB] does, and relieve yourself in the potted plants.   

       Mind you, it's a bit much that he doesn't even bring his own roll of paper.
8th of 7, Dec 04 2018

       Welcome to the 'bakery.   

       Last door on the right. [+]
pertinax, Dec 05 2018

       I met a traveller from an antique land. But that's another story.
pertinax, Dec 05 2018

       I know we all want to make a new HalfBaker feel welcome, but this is one of the few high bunned ideas that needs trimming.   

       These pay for toilets are just another extension of the miserable, excruciatingly economical, territorial Germanic mindset. Hesse called his German compatriots "a nation of shopkeepers," but if you've been to Germany, let's just call them "a nation of toilet keepers."   

       Go to almost any other country in Europe and not only are the toilets *gasp* free, but people with comparatively nothing in the bank account will offer you free local dishes. Want to understand EU and world economics? Germanic assholes who spend all day guarding their toilets.
4and20, Dec 05 2018

       6 buns. There are more hardluck cases on the HB than I thought. But if you're not not eating much, you're not using your own toilet yourself...
4and20, Dec 05 2018

       8. For God's sake, start investing in the marketing. 3D neon signs, ads on all the major television networks. I myself will even pay for [8th] to come to your house and use your toilet several times.
4and20, Dec 06 2018

       This was actually baked on a comedy show called Tosh.O. He called it PUBER.   

       Your name is better though.
doctorremulac3, Dec 06 2018

       // pay for [8th] to come to your house and use your toilet several times //   

       No, you don't need to pay ... just don't mention what we want to use the toilet for. Oh, and make sure there's a brush there, in case one of the kittens gets stuck in the U-bend (my, those little buggers can cling on when they want to).   

       It's the look of shock and dismay on their faces as the rush of water drags them away that we find so entrancing ... sometimes there's even a faint, diminishing yowling echoing back up the pipe for a few seconds. Pure joy.
8th of 7, Dec 07 2018

       As Germany subsidizes half of the Eurozone anyway, shirley their toilet taxes pay for all of those free toilets elsewhere.
RayfordSteele, Dec 07 2018

       Yeah, [Ray], that's not even close to true, although that's what Germans would complain to you about continually. It's like the way they've sold the fact that the Treaty of Versailles caused WWII, even though they cried their way into 3 further treaties to avoid paying reparations at all.   

       [8th], you are one fucking miserable dickhead, full stop, and if I saw you grab one kitten I would full stop you. My jokes about you are going to be considerably less gentle.
4and20, Dec 07 2018

       Did someone not clean out your toilet after using it? 8th has made anti-cat jokes on here for a decade or so.
RayfordSteele, Dec 08 2018

       [doctor...] I found the Puber, see links.   

       'Pupertrator', brown stars, $20 for first 5 mins, $2 per additional 20 secs. I hadn't thought about the add-ons.   

       Thanks for the buns, we will have to schedule another 'brain-lubricating' session in the Bear Hotel in Crickhowell to continue this. (Highly recommend Askew's Family Bakery there too, excellent ginger bread men)
TonyDeaf, Dec 08 2018

       Look out, there's about to be some less-than-gentle jokes up in here.
nomocrow, Dec 13 2018

       What the H E double hockey sticks was I doing at the time this was posted that I missed this one?   

       [+] for a slightly higher fee, a mobile home / caravan could meet you; a toilet-equipped taxi
sninctown, Oct 28 2021


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