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Air Pong

for a more challenging and refreshing game!
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Put a net across an air hockey table and play ping pong on it. Or try to... I looked on Google and didn't find anything even close.
21 Quest, Jun 12 2009


       Hmmmm. It would at least be an interesting expiriment the first time. Might not have much potential after that though.
gryphon327, Jun 12 2009

       I'm trying to picture the effect, and I think it would mostly result in very dead bounces. Having random air jets on the table, however, could be interesting.
MechE, Jun 12 2009

       I was thinking a good spin might have some interesting effects in the flowing air. And of course, there would be "hotspots" between the nozzles where a good spike might be given a nice boost on its way up.
21 Quest, Jun 12 2009

       It occurs to me that you want to take a game with a green table and replace the table with one that uses electricity. Would it be solar powered so it's still green?
gryphon327, Jun 13 2009

       It would be powered by gerbils and hamsters. The tiny AC units that keep them cool would be solar powered.
21 Quest, Jun 13 2009


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