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Air bag inflatable mannekin

In a hurry?
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BUNGCO is well aware of inflatable mannikins; sleazy and otherwise. But it is hard to get one inflated in a hurry - much puffing, pumping or the like. What if you need one NOW?

For example, a guest is peeking into your medicine cabinet to see if you have any Viagra left, and you want Mr T to leap out and put a stop to all that. Your questionable associates are coming up the drive and you need it to appear that a policeman is in your house, questioning you. You are parked illegally while you run in to a business establishment and need it to seem that someone is behind the wheel. Someone formidable. Or you have been tasked with setting up a bachelor party and have discovered how expensive it is to hire a live person to jump out of a cake.

Throw down the air bag inflatable manikin and vwalla! - there appears a humanoid in the size and shape to fit your need. The airbag could also be triggered by a pull string (as in the medicine cabinet or mailbox model).

What, you may ask, becomes of the manikin after use? Some choose to keep them around as they gently deflate with time and age. But why go with a whimper when you can go with a bang? For only slightly more you can get the Booster: after a delay which you set or trigger manually, the manikin inflates beyond tolerance and explodes!

bungston, Feb 03 2016

Shirley you can't be serious http://public.media...plane-autopilot.jpg
Available at a moment's notice [whatrock, Feb 07 2016]

Inflatable - already working https://www.youtube...watch?v=8bfELN6NskE
[normzone, Feb 07 2016]


       [+] This fills a much-needed gap in the market.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 03 2016

       It will fill it very quickly.
bungston, Feb 03 2016

       Reusable would indeed be a nice perk. After serving its function, a tiny vacuum could deflate the dummy back to its bag state.
whatrock, Feb 03 2016

       I am thinking of a starter version along the lines of the classic spring snake that jumps out of a can when opened. Except this would be a body part and it would simply protrude from the can.
bungston, Feb 03 2016

       I suggest hiring a few of the neighborhood punks to test them in the middle of roadways, insta-pedestrian style.
the porpoise, Feb 03 2016

       I think we lead very different lives [bungston]. [+]
AusCan531, Feb 03 2016

       Mine's in the post already. A winner [+]
xenzag, Feb 04 2016

       A relatively standard CO2 cartridge, such as is used in air guns, might suffice for this purpose.
Vernon, Feb 04 2016

       This would be handy at your desk in case you get a sneak attack by Camping Carl.
RayfordSteele, Feb 04 2016

       Every time I see someone being forced to type something like "CO2" on here, I feel immensely sad and want there to be a <sub> tag, but there just isn't. Woe is me!
nineteenthly, Feb 04 2016

       Sort of like a plastic human slam. Bamm, there you go. Ok, I like.
blissmiss, Feb 05 2016

       You are so lucky I can't remember the URL of that company in Japan who knock out the high end "dolls" with silicone implants and all..cherrygirl or summat.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 05 2016

       4 for Camp Teacup: 1 Burly Orderly for the medicine cabinet, 2 Regulation Good Ol' Boys for the gun case and the pickup, 1 Gangster for the roadster.
Sgt Teacup, Feb 07 2016

       We are sorry that the new hire misread your order, Sgt. But consider: the Burlesque Orderly might be just as good or better?
bungston, Feb 07 2016

       You are missing out on the entire Halloween market. A few of these lining the walkway activated by motion-sensor would be just the ticket.   


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