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Airline sky map ads

Ads appear on airline in-cabin maps as passengers fly over the client site
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Opportunity: Some airliners now have animated maps that display on a screen in the cabin. The maps display the plane's position as it travels to its destination.

Proposal: I suggest that "ad space" be sold to the points of interest on the ground that are pointed out on the map during travel. Such advertising is now done on Google maps. The airline map could include audio as well as video advertising for amusement parks, spots that serve tourists around national landmarks, etc.

2013-02-22 Baking. See link below.

Sunstone, Oct 22 2005

Absolut Rainforest http://www.panoptic...olut_rainforest.gif
[jurist, Oct 27 2005]

Absolut Amerika http://www.prebral.net/img2/absolut.jpg
[jurist, Oct 27 2005]

Absolut Manhattan http://viadrina.euv...Manhattan_small.JPG
[jurist, Oct 27 2005]

Mash Ups http://www.sfgate.c.../14/BUG0MFN1CI1.DTL
Just came across this related link today: mash ups [Sunstone, Nov 17 2005]

Delta Airlines introduces the glass bottom ground map concept for iPads https://www.google....al&client=firefox-a
My idea was rejected by an airline entertainment electronics provider when I worked for Delta in 1991 [Sunstone, Jan 28 2013]


       [-] For Krum's sake, we don't need *any* new forms of advertising. Autobone.
land, Oct 25 2005

       Sure we do. I think the idea is good. +
bristolz, Oct 25 2005

       I'm not sure. If it means I get a cheaper flight on a decent airline I might be okay with some lame advert I can ignore if I want to. I'm not sure this is a bad ad because it does give me (the ever fickle price conscious airline consumer) the ability to purchase a cheaper flight.
Chrishnaugh, Oct 26 2005

       Could a company reshape less important lakes and coastlines to more closely resemble its logo?
jutta, Oct 26 2005

       Yeah, you can always do with more advertising...
JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Oct 26 2005

       [jutta] they might be able to do faux reshaping with blue tarpaulins.
bristolz, Oct 26 2005

       Christo is known for wrapping islands and the like: talk to him.
DrCurry, Oct 26 2005

       People who want less advertising should have their names published.   

       + for starting a thread that drifted into a discussion of terraforming.
reensure, Oct 26 2005

       This is a great display to have available for passenger viewing, with attractions labeled (be this advertising or not). Try flying over the Grand Canyon and pointing out where you have been or where you would like to visit. All you can see from 35,000 feet is the canyon.
Shz, Oct 26 2005

       Ditch the audio, and you can keep the peace.   

       Ads work much better if it was personalized.   

       Inevitably, we'll have internet access in each seat, and one website, provided by the airline, funded through ads, will have such a display for us, with ads that match our preferences.
sophocles, Oct 27 2005

       //could flag up France on the map with "It's crap". //   

       Wait - France is on the map??
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 28 2013


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