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Airplane-launchable airship

remote controlled snipers, at first
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This would be a Lighter-than-air drone which can be deployed from the back of a C-130. While non-military applications will be found for such a device, realistically the first application will be a remote controlled sniper, to compliment the predator drone. Only useful at night, I would suspect.

edit-- I see I missed a key important factor in my description. the LTA craft begins in deflated mode, and inflates once deployed, like an airbag perhaps, only with helium. Or, more likely, multiple airbags, for redundancy in case some fail to inflate correctly.

Eventually such technology could benefit space re-entry vehicles, or terraforming operations/space exploration.

Madai, Dec 01 2004

Mineseeker http://www.qinetiq....seeker_project.html
Like this, but to kill? There are a number of applications of airships in the military world. [suctionpad, Dec 01 2004]


       And just how do you plan to put everything that is needed onto the drone? Current drones today are packed nearly solid! And they are all recon drones, some of them are the size of ultra-lites!   

       //This would be a Lighter-than-air drone which can be deployed from the back of a C-130. //   

       Hmmm... impossible. You can't make a drone "lighter then air"! Unless of course you mean it is light enough to fly. Plus, the military doesn't use C-130's anymore. Or so at least that's what my dad said. It wouldn't need to be deployed from the back of one C-130's have enoguh room inside as it is! They can carry like 2-3 tanks or personnell carriers!   

       Maybe if you explained how you might do this it might sound more realistic. You know, do some google searches for technology and post some links.
EvilPickels, Dec 01 2004

       Suctionpad, while that *is* an airship, I am talking about deploying airships from aircraft, like perhaps rolling it out the back of a C-130 the way they do daisycutters. Like say, to say, to produce sniper fire in a remote region. Like say, in the afghanistan mountainous regions where road access is problematical, or in a dense foliage situation like columbia.   

       A mineseeker could just managed by a ground crew, because range and terrain are not an issue.
Madai, Dec 01 2004

       C-130s are still in use, as well as modified versions such as the refueling KC-130.
contracts, Dec 01 2004

       I know there are a number of materials which when 'triggered' will quickly release large amounts of nitrogen. Are there any materials which, when triggered, will quickly release large amounts of hydrogen, ammonia, or methane (all of which are noticeably lighter than air)?
supercat, Dec 01 2004


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