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Airport Security Waiting Room

no more standing in line
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Last time I flew from Heathrow Airport I stood for 70 minutes(!) in the security queue, zig-zagging my way around a big field of cordons. There is a fast track line, but I believe lateness is not a criterion for being allowed on it. No wonder there was a sign saying "assaults on staff not tolerated" etc.

At my GP surgery they've found a much better solution. Even though waiting times rarely exceed 30 min, you pull a serial number from a machine and wait until the number appears on the screen.

So I suggest using the same system on airports. Do away with the cordons and replace them with benches. Set up a little auction stand where late passengers can buy numbered tickets from early passengers who don't mind waiting a little longer and want to earn some extra cash.

kinemojo, May 27 2006


       [marked-as-rant], but very good anyway. Have a bun while you wait.
dbmag9, May 27 2006

       [Marked- for - deletion] Rant.   

       Been there, thought it.
Susan, May 27 2006

       they do this in supermarkets - seems sensible to me.   

       why rant? just because something niggles and someone comes up with a solution is hardly a rant!   

       my little dictionary (Collins Gem) gives rant as meaning: to rave in violent language.
po, May 27 2006

       Fast track those with no bags. They could amuse the pedants with a sign: "0 bags or less".
Ling, May 28 2006

       jutta - I was just using [MAR] as I feel it should be used. I don't know what Susan is doing. [MAR] doesn't necessarily mean 'delete', it's just a warning kinda thing.
dbmag9, May 28 2006

       I like the auction stand idea. Wonder how much people would pay? If there's a reasonable supply of people willing to pay, it could be worth turning up ages before your flight just to earn a few hours' worth of money from ticket swaps...
imaginality, May 28 2006

       dbmag9, if you just want to give a "warning kinda thing", could you please just use English? I don't know, and don't want to guess, whether or not you really "mean" something.
jutta, May 28 2006

       I think this is a nice idea, practical and simple.   

       Thinking it through a bit more (and to stop people taking more than one ticket, which is bound to happen with your auction), just scan in your passport into the queue machine, then it can put your name up on a screen, and read out your name when it's your turn.   

       [Susan], the 'fact' that you've thought of it does not constitute a reason ask for this idea to be deleted.
neilp, May 28 2006

       //and to stop people taking more than one ticket, which is bound to happen with your auction//   

       The machine scans your boarding pass and only issues one ticket per passenger. The auction stand will allow passengers to *exchange* their tickets, allowing some people to buy their way to the front of the queue.
kinemojo, Jun 01 2006


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