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Wrist-strap alarm unit. Individual wake-up regime.
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The AlArm clock is a fairly standard Alarm clock (with multiple wake-up times, snooze etc) - but with a number of wireless wrist straps. The wrist-straps are 2-way, and can also signal snooze and alarm cancel commands too.

Each wrist strap comes fitted with a small electric motor (as used to signal silent/vibrate on mobile phones) and it's own individual (programmable) wake-up regime.

Set the AlArm clock for the desired wake-up times, and put on your personal wrist band, before going to sleep.

Ideal if there're 2 (or more) people in a bed, each one having to wake up at their own desired time, without disturbing the other(s).

Dub, Jan 25 2006

here's one for $148.00 USD http://www.serenity..._alarm_watches.html
although it does make a 'little alarm noise' [xandram, Jan 25 2006]

My hat version of a similar thing Alarm_20Clock_20Hat
[miasere, Jan 25 2006]

SnoreStopper http://www.hivoxproduct.com/how_work.htm
a shock watch [Cube, Feb 03 2006]

Alameda Multi-Alarm Watch http://www.almedati...ile=highlights.html
A wristwatch with an option for vibrating alarms (and multi-alarm setting for e.g. people who have to take medication.) No need for a central base station! [jutta, Jun 01 2006]

Gadget Lab Show: The Fitbit Flex Gets a Workout http://www.wired.co...b-show-fitbit-flex/
[Dub, May 10 2013]


       The Australian version would be an OI!Arm Clock
bungston, Jan 25 2006

       nothing to do with Ala then.
po, Jan 25 2006

       Ankle versions could be interesting.
skinflaps, Jan 25 2006

       Or you could sleep with your mobile phone in the pocket of your jim-jams.
Hopelessly over-engineered .[+]
coprocephalous, Jan 25 2006

       This is really good. I needlessly woke my other half up at 06:00 this morning.
wagster, Jan 25 2006

       [xandram] linky - That's probably what set me off. I was thinking of something simpler and more reasonable... Though it would be nice to be awoken gently and at your body-clock's most appropriate time, most people just want to be awoken at a desired time, without disturbing thier partners.   

       [miasere] Yes, very similar. Sorry, I didn't find it when I searched.
Dub, Jan 25 2006

       [po]//Ala// No.. nor Lala (or Tinkywinky and Dypsi)
Dub, Jan 25 2006

       I saw something like this in the 1967 spy film spoof "In Like Flint." James Coburn is sleeping prone between the edges of two chairs at his head and feet with his arms crossed like a vampire. He is awoken by his wristwatch alarm, two thin shafts with little balls at the tips that extend out from the dial face and gently rock back and forth tapping on his wrist.   

       I also own a gadget called the "Snore Stopper" worn on the wrist while sleeping that administers gradually more intense electric shocks triggered by the sound of loud and regular breath snorts. I tested it and was unimpressed with its "therapy by torture" design.
Cube, Feb 03 2006

       I remember the flint watch - Re-started his pulse, or something...
Dub, Feb 03 2006

       Weren't there digital watches in the 'eighties with a little blunt metal rod in the back, which gently vibrated against your wrist?   

       Sleeptracker watch (first link): I _so_ had exactly that idea over a year ago. If I weren't so lazy I'd be rich by now. But what are you going to do? (Thinks: considering recent postings, is someone going to suggest a rhetorical question mark? Not me, no fear.)
spidermother, Feb 03 2006

       So, nothing to do with metallic prosthetic upper limbs then?
coprocephalous, Feb 03 2006


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