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Algorithmic Person Shape

3d algorithim for shsp of a person
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Take the swirly map of a person at (link) and wrap it into 3d. Use this 3d algorithim to represent a perfect person-shape, and then model movement around this.
JesusHChrist, Jun 12 2013

swirly person shape in 2d http://m.pinterest....560557484839656734/
[JesusHChrist, Jun 12 2013]

: ] http://25.media.tum...RQ1rouf7po1_500.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 12 2013]

Swirly Man image http://patricktimon...ven.com/photo3.html
look at bottom of page for swirly man image [JesusHChrist, Jun 12 2013]

Could build on this. http://empaempa.git...amples/complicated/
[swimswim, Jun 12 2013]


       Why can't I get that link?
JesusHChrist, Jun 12 2013

       Oh got it now, Connan Obrien
JesusHChrist, Jun 12 2013

       You're inventing vector graphics?
theircompetitor, Jun 12 2013

       The swirly person shape in 2d from the first link doesn't seem to have much to do with a person - it's mostly a series of exponential spirals (do I mean that? Something Fibonacciish) arranged so that a few of their curves match a few of the curves on the face.   

       I'm pretty sure I could do better.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 12 2013

       The concept of using equations to model complex curved surfaces is [Marked-For-Deletion] widely known to exist.
MechE, Jun 12 2013

       ^ & ^^.   

       isn't this just "biometrics 101: face shape" ?
FlyingToaster, Jun 12 2013


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