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All Terrain and Heaven Vehicle

new pope, new wheels
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Yes, the wheels should be really wide and soft with big, light footprints so that the mobile pope can motor right over the St. Peter’s Square crowds. Sitting high over the wheels in a bulletproof Zorb, the pontiff would indicate travel direction with sign of the cross and blessing gesticulations.

Ah, the rapture as the holy vehicle rolls right off the stage onto the heads of a rock concert crowd or the ecstasy as he’s supported by thousands of orange-clad political demonstrators. Imagine the drama of the turbo-pope surfing a Mexican wave around the banked turns of a full football stadium.

FarmerJohn, May 23 2005

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       Vehicular Papal Crowd-surfing. Lovely :-)
contracts, May 23 2005

       Nice. [+]   

       Speaking of Mexican wave surfing, there's a TV commercial playing here showing just that - two guys with surfboards going round a stadium.
Adze, May 23 2005


       Is "pope" is becoming the new "custard/ninja/pirate"? A few more giggles left in me on the topic, so go ahead.
sophocles, May 23 2005


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