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rubberneck prevention

Force David Copperfield into service
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Magician David Copperfield should be pressured into service to show the highway police forces how to make an accident dissappear.

This would drastically reduce traffic problems caused by rubberneckers who have to slow down to look at the 'car'nage.

starmanki, Jun 14 2001


       I fully agree. The only issues I can see are that motorists will simply ram into the invisible wreck, or if you leave police vehicles on-scene and visible, motorists will pause to look at the blinky-flashy lights thereby defeating the purpose.
Reverend D, Jun 14 2001

       If you assume that Copperfield's illusions hold up under day-time close-up conditions, we could all simply levitate around and wouldn't really have to use cars to begin with.
jutta, Jun 14 2001


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