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Alternate Identikit Facial Expressions

Different mug shots, same offender.
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I was reading the local today and saw a picture of a criminal formed from witnesses descriptions using the identikit method. The identikit method is the one where witnesses describe the offenders eyes, mouth, nose et cetera, and different preset cards can be put together to form that face.) The offender wore a big bad scowl (as they all do) and as he probably did as he committed that crime. But presumably, he will not always wear that scowl making him harder to identify when out in the community.

So why not, for each scowling identikit facial feature, have another corresponding feature with a different expression: pensive, happy-go-lucky, et cetera. That way, with some level of accuracy you can have a number of different images of the same felon and make him/her easier to spot and catch. Most importantly, these profiles of the offender must be released to the public.

sdm, Aug 15 2001

Bill Gates Mug Shot http://www.mugshots...isc/bill-gates.html
Well, any excuse to add this link. [sdm, Aug 15 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       First we need a way of producing identikit / photofit / e-fit images which actually look like the subject, rather than looking like either nobody or everybody.
angel, Aug 15 2001

       I was smiling on my mugshot!
AfroAssault, Aug 16 2001


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