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Crime Comix

Slylock Fox for grownups
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Judging from the interest for detective novels, police series and courtroom dramas, a crime comic feature for adults should prove popular. Kids already enjoy solving simple shoplifting and subterfuge puzzles, based on the visible clues and inconsistencies in a cartoon such as 'Slylock Fox'.

Would-be private eyes, laymen lawyers and closet cops could learn while being challenged by such Sunday comics cases as identifying a junkie’s syringe contents, lifesaving at a traffic accident, matching fingerprints from counterfeit bills and breaking down a door that opens towards you.

FarmerJohn, Apr 15 2005

example: Estimate time of death http://www.geocitie...ie/crimecomix.html?
[FarmerJohn, Apr 15 2005]

the original Slylock http://www.slylockfox.com/game41.html
[FarmerJohn, Apr 15 2005]

real time of death applet http://www.pathguy.com/TimeDead.htm
[FarmerJohn, Apr 15 2005]


       [+] for the illustration alone.
normzone, Apr 15 2005

       I have wondered about this. Some of the grownup soapy comics sometimes have a little of the mystery about them, but it is hard to tell. Soap opera serials are popular. Crime whodunnits are popular. There must be some reason that has not been done, because the popularity of these formats and the newspaper comic have all been around for 100 years.   

       I am not thinking of a Slylock single panel whodunnit as the good Farmer has offered as his e.g., but something like Law and Order in a serial format.
bungston, Jun 10 2008


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