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Altitude Drop Jump

A sport in which the participating athlete jumps off an elevated platform or trapeze and attempts to stick the landing.
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The participant drops off an elevated platform or trapeze onto the solid surface of the floor and attempts to stick the landing. A legitimate landing is one in which the participant is in a standing position, with no body parts except for the feet touching the ground, and no extra steps are taken after the landing. If the participant sticks the landing, the drop jump is considered legitimate and the height of the drop jump is recorded. The competitive objective is to achieve a legitimate landing from a greater height. Padding is allowed, but if it is used, the thickness of the padding is subtracted from the altitude of the drop eight times. For example, the use of a one centimeter thick pad would result in a deduction of eight centimeters from the height of a legitimate drop onto the said pad. The pad itself must be no thicker than one-tenth of the distance between the surface of the floor and the top surface of the elevated drop jump platform.

Finally, a fun, easy sport for anyone, anytime, anywhere! If you are sitting on a solid chair which rests on a solid floor, you can do it right now: stand on your chair, jump off, and if you stick the landing, record your height! It's that easy! Want a greater challenge? Jump off a table, a shed, a balcony, a roof, whatever! The sky is the limit! This sport also increases your chances of survival if you are ever forced to jump off a cliff, rooftop, or other high place in a real life threatening situation! Now you have no excuse not to try it, unless you are suicidal! Everybody's doing it! Try it with your friends!

Nedodelkin, Mar 20 2010

Much safer http://en.m.wikiped.../wiki/Phobos_(moon)
Less nasty gravity [DenholmRicshaw, Mar 21 2010]


       you work in the medical community, don't you
FlyingToaster, Mar 20 2010

       OK - I'll go for a 100m-deep pad of graded density, from soap- suds through to foam rubber. I'll be stepping off a platform at 50km with a pressure suit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2010

       I hope your aim is good
pocmloc, Mar 20 2010

       There was no restriction on the area of the pad.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2010

       Is custard permitted?
jurist, Mar 21 2010

       I plan to do this on Phobos.
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 21 2010

       //Gets boring ... injuries start happening.// I'd think that, when injuries start happening that's when it *stops* being boring.
mouseposture, Mar 21 2010


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