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Aluminum Cow

Hydroponic Time Calculated Graded Shelving
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I've been a bad baker. I've taken the fish the wrong way. There are hundreds of ideas I've got in me gulliver that I'll never have the time to gain the knowledge to burst thier benifits into man's existence & add another step to the ladder.

I've decided to take out me umbrella & weather the fish to learn a thing or two about the hundreds of things I'll never have the time to make happen. (I mean, we've all got to eat, haven't we?)

I'll not repeat the pre-amble.

The Hydroponic Time Calculated Graded Shelving is an Aluminum framed shelving system that holds plant growth lights on the under side of each shelf.

The Harvest takes one shelf at a time & each shelf spaces itself based upon the programmed crops anticipated growth pattern -- germination (low light required)/ space between shelves = 3 inches.

(I wish I knew the metric system better to make a go of it in more friendly terms for the non-Imperial system, but please forgive me.)

Produce - Shelf C-36 = basil. expected growth for 3 weeks, - normally = 6 inches.

The shelves move to allow for the growth from seedling to harvest in x^3 fashion.

(sorry that's the best I can translate the pictographical vision. - my education was incomplete.)

This idea also supposes another fabrication of my imagination that root depth of plants can be maintained to a minimal depth should they be given the ability to wrap around support structures that also function as nutrient suppliers.

In Summary, You'll have a stack of shelves thriving vegitabley (IFF the OPTIMAL conditions are met)

Say you have a space 16' tall. Perhaps Through this system you can w/ a 12' long Aluminum Cow, feed you & yours, (I & I) a loaf of bread once a week. & also FAR beyond, should "our" culture move beyond animals as a main source for protein.

It's the science of optimism that I wish could freely take flight & BE.

(a 12'/ 16' tall Aluminum Cow w/o Jah would starve a family. A series of them, perhaps could provide better than what is the probable 10% we reap now.

Zimmy, Nov 08 2005


       Hello, my name is...um, wait a minute - when did this became a twelve step meeting?!   

       And I think you're just reinventing hydroponics. Not seeing anything here that really seems new, other than the bizarro name (according to the last article I saw on marijuana production in the US, at least).
DrCurry, Nov 08 2005

       I think you've just reinvented modular shelving.
moomintroll, Nov 08 2005

       The novelty here is shelving that spaces itself out according to the changing needs of the plants on it. The larger the plant grows, the taller the shelf needs to be.   

       There are a bunch of different ways of accomplishing this mechanically. There could be spacers on the side of the shelves that allow them to push against each other; or the shelves could be installed in some sort of rotissery thing that rotates them and spaces them externally. Or shelves could be slanted alternating left-to-right / right-to-left, and plants would sit on a very slowly-moving conveyor belt, rolling from low ceiling to high ceiling as they grow.
jutta, Mar 06 2008


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