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Amazing Remembrance building

Finally, the first 'private' rememberence building.
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The best epitaph you'd ever hope for. People won't forget you were alive for hundreds of years.

Rather then as present, each individual having their own gravestone .. that may last 120 years before it's ripped up or falls over or a Walmart is built over the site ..

Get lots of people (when alive) to reserve a spot and put a % of their funural money into a pre-built huge, amazing structure which will have every contributers name and message scribed on to it (when they die, that is).

Some (naturally uninhabated) really cool building like as the sun rises in the morning it shines though the departed's carvings in the structure to brilliantly highlight 1 in turn every individual's name for - like - 20 seconds.

It remembers and respects .. like .. 2000 people who otherwise would have the bog-standard $150 cross. Everyone who passed the graveyard would think 'wow that building is incredible'. It could be - like - solid black or like a big stone rectangle -- something that people just think 'Whoa -- that's like nothing I've ever seen'. It's - like - 150 foot big.

You see normally soldiers and other specific groups have had some rememberence stuff like this put up and paid for by the public ... but I think the nurses, bus drivers, everyday Joes should get together and shout a real nice and loud 'We lived on this planet too'.

The bodies (or ashes) are buried in order in front of the structure .. so mourners know where a specific individual is buried.

The site would be welcome to members of all religeons.

britboy, Mar 08 2004

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       I think these are normally called cathedrals. Btw, that's "remembrance".
DrCurry, Mar 08 2004

       Or "Memorial".
jurist, Mar 08 2004

       Can't we just build a 'holy' http address and deposit our JPGs, MP3s and MPEGs of our life there? Does everything we have to do need to be placed in some artifact that clutters the landscape?
telepathetic, Mar 08 2004

       The internet is already too cluttered. No.
The building idea is not bad, but I think it could be made smaller with the use of prisms and fiberoptic cables to move light around.

       I never got my idea for a ground zero memorial together within the competition time limit -- but it was something like that, framed with a display of 2,749 lengths of iron rebar and aluminum airframe.
dpsyplc, Mar 08 2004

       I think that this is a neat idea, a capitalist declaration full of vice screaming from beyond the grave, "I got mine, screw all ya'lls and all yours!"   

       Not that I'm in favor of that sort of action.
Laughs Last, Mar 08 2004

       Last request, feed to wolves. Deeds are legacy enough.   

       Unless you're talking pyramid.   

thumbwax, Mar 10 2004


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