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Amazon Autopilot

Opt into the priesthood
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This would be a service, eventually hopefully swallowed pun intended by Amazon, that allows the user, upon hitting 18, to opt into a support system that includes a minimalist apartment, absolutely healthy, genetically personalized diet, enforced exercize routine, and minimal career that takes maybe 20 hours of your week, so that Amazon would take care of all negotiation and delivery of this service, and the user would agree to suspend competitive self interested behavior for the 20 hour work week, 20 hour sustenance routine and 50 hour sleep routine, an in return get free and privileged access to all cutting edge communication technologies and be totally free to experiment in virtual worlds. Borg. Oops.
JesusHChrist, Apr 04 2015

'Swallows & Amazons' by Arthur Ransom http://www.amazon.c...wallows+%26+amazons
Classic children's literature. [DrBob, Apr 05 2015]


       Show me the no-qualification job that pays for all the latest tech, food, an apartment, and a gym for 20 hours/week.
Voice, Apr 04 2015

       Queen of England.
DrBob, Apr 05 2015


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