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Ameliorate Ebola virus disease?

Slowing transmission between our cells might limit EVD damage until immunity develops
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According to wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebola_virus_disease , EVD interferes with cellular antiviral measures with proteins, two of which are V24 and VP35. V24 binds with STAT1, which blocks STAT1 from entering the nucleus of adjacent cells and starting antiviral measures, while VP35 inhibits production of interferon-beta, which is also involved with starting antiviral measures. These two, V24 and VP35, thus may enable rapid spread of EVD between cells.

Could EVD be slowed down by supplying the newly-infected with STAT1 and interferon-beta injections? Could this slow EVD without slowing the development of host immunity?

briancady413, Oct 28 2014

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       If the home-team antiviral alerters function to pinpoint the sites of infection rather than just set up a general alarm, then no.
FlyingToaster, Oct 28 2014


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