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An Astronaut Riding a Horse...

Get playing with DALL-E
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This looks fun. I'm on the waitlist.
RayfordSteele, Jul 28 2022

DALL-E 2 https://openai.com/dall-e-2/?labs
Art by AI from text input [RayfordSteele, Jul 28 2022]

https://www.gutenbe...b/51531/pg51531.txt [a1, Jul 28 2022]

In its own style? https://lifehacker....eally-me-1818808264
Good artists copy, great artists steal. [a1, Jul 29 2022]

crAIyon - https://www.craiyon.com/
A mini version of DALL-E, open to all, no waiting. [a1, Jul 29 2022]

https://alternative...et/software/dall-e/ Other DALL-E alternatives [a1, Jul 29 2022]

Paint curiosity https://ibb.co/42YjM7C
Apparently it took the word paint literally... [RayfordSteele, Jul 30 2022]

Another image generator https://www.theverg...nterview-david-holz
[a1, Aug 04 2022]

With apologies to [xenzag] https://ibb.co/3BxDMMM
A recent HB concept visualized by DALL-E [a1, Aug 14 2022]


       Thank you for sharing this.
pertinax, Jul 28 2022

       this is from OpenAI same tech as the poets I linked recently
theircompetitor, Jul 28 2022

       Dalle 2 is impressive for AI, but the way they crippled it (with the intent to prevent making deep fakes) ruined it. Anything that might somehow start to resemble a human face is replaced with a big ugly smear. So my "There is a lake in a forest. There is one canoe in it. An old man wearing an ushanka is fishing and smoking a cigar" turned out beautifully 6 out of 10 shots, except his head was an ugly blob every time.
Voice, Jul 28 2022

       Wow, [a1], that story is glorious. Thanks for posting it. It takes real talent to write like that.
Voice, Jul 28 2022

       Read more Kornbluth. Better than Asimov or Bradbury. So sad he didn't live long enough to prove it to a broader market.   

       And he foresaw the inevitable conflict between human created & machine manufactured art over 70 years ago.
a1, Jul 28 2022

       I would if evil copyright laws didn't have 70 year old stories locked down. edit: Wow, I see there are many up on good ol' Gutenburg.
Voice, Jul 28 2022

       So I'm wondering what would happen if you would ask it to do some art in its own style?
RayfordSteele, Jul 28 2022

       Get on the waiting list and find out.   

       Other semi-interesting takes would be to have it paint some abstract nouns lile curiosity or foolishness and see what it does with it.
RayfordSteele, Jul 29 2022

       [RayfordSteele] - I just threw your example request "paint some abstract nouns like curiosity or foolishness" to crAIyon (link) and got a bunch of blobby rounded rectangles, melted together, in various colors.   

       I kinda like Mondrian, but I think he painted himself into a corner.
a1, Jul 29 2022

       //a bunch of blobby rounded rectangles// That's what happens when you're talking to an AI which doesn't know the difference between abstract art and an abstract noun.
Voice, Jul 30 2022

       // doesn’t know the difference //   

       Concur. Though I’d go further and say “knowing” anything is out of scope for GPT3. Gives me an idea about how to grade/test an AI for sentience, but that might require a separate HB posting.
a1, Jul 30 2022

       This is what I got when I asked it to "paint curiosity" [Link]
RayfordSteele, Jul 30 2022

       Oversized eyes, nose, and mouth to emphasize desire to accept input, creative colors. Maybe it does understand. Only the sardonic expression isn't curious.
Voice, Jul 30 2022

       Hey Ray, "Paint curiosity" link's broken. Got another one?
doctorremulac3, Jul 31 2022

       [doctorremulac3] go to the craiyon link and try it. It throws something different out each time.
a1, Jul 31 2022

       Cool, thanks a1.
doctorremulac3, Jul 31 2022

       I can't use that site, or rather I am unwilling to permit 40 advertising and tracking scripts. Is there a better one?
Voice, Aug 04 2022

       [Voice], I too have some misgivings about it being hosted on Discord, I just posted it because it seemed on point here. I posted an article about other image generators a few days ago.
a1, Aug 04 2022

       //painted himself into a corner//   

       If I admit to liking the Mondrian joke, will people think I'm square?   

pertinax, Aug 06 2022

       // will people think I'm square? //   

       Don't let yourself be boxed in by what others think.
a1, Aug 06 2022

       // I’m on the wait list //   

       Did you get in yet? I got admitted today.
a1, Aug 14 2022


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