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An improved blade-less knife

A Blade-less knife without a handle
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I designed the perfect blade-less knife: a model without a handle to sell as a completely safe, portable and durable knife, suitable for people of all ages including children. Mothers could give it to their children and not worry that it would hurt them or poison them with heavy metal. It could be given to criminals for the safety of their victims. It could be provided to every solder of unpopular wars to prevent collateral damage to peaceful civilians. It could be safely carried in the pocket without fear of self-mutilation or cutting holes in pants. The present design comes colorless to match any decor.

I also designed a self-sharpening model, but have not perfected it yet since it still has some flaws. That improved model will have the added advantage to busy people with little spare time to maintain the knife in the peak of performance. Both models come with a durable cover, belt clip and case with easy opening. Three page instruction pamphlet helps describe how to use the tool.

While the tool is very useful having many safety and convenient features, given the present environment of government inspired fear, you would not be able to bring one an airplane since it would most likely be confiscated by home-land security.

el dueno

el dueno, Apr 25 2008

For [DrCurry] http://www.michaelh...002899908XSmall.jpg
Feel the weight Doc, nice eh? [theleopard, Apr 25 2008]


       This is in the "I'll have a cheeseburger... hold the cheese" category
FlyingToaster, Apr 25 2008

DrCurry, Apr 25 2008

       this is the same type of knife I use to cut the cheese
jaksplat, Apr 25 2008

       [++] two buns for the unbaked & beyond understanding idea on half bakery.
vedarshi, Apr 25 2008

       Is the solder lead-free?
coprocephalous, Apr 25 2008

       [DrC] I believe there's already a picture - at the top of the page, between the HB logo and the category idea list.
lostdog, Apr 25 2008

       You've invented the cutless.
ldischler, Apr 25 2008

       Ah. Rather dense today (I blame the head cold I currently have).
DrCurry, Apr 25 2008

       Is your blade as sharp as anyone's mind? I think so...
rotary, Apr 25 2008

       //you would not be able to bring one an airplane//
That's unfortunate. My improved blade-less knife wanted an airplane.

       Amos Kito
Amos Kito, Apr 25 2008

       The Emperor has no clothes.
sninctown, Apr 25 2008

       sounds like a rock to me
senatorjam, Apr 25 2008

       As a pacifist, there's no way I can't violently throw a piece of dough at this idea.
django, Apr 25 2008

       A jedi all-blade light saber that can only be handled by telekinesis?
rotary, Apr 26 2008

       One pastry-less croissant for you sir.
hidden truths, Apr 26 2008

       Perhaps there might be two of them.
csea, Apr 26 2008

       A knife without a blade and a handle?   

       What's left?
Cuit_au_Four, Apr 27 2008


       Not an idea. Not funny. Not there. I'm really not seeing it. (-)
Voice, Apr 30 2008

       I presume this is the teaser for the real idea that you are about to post? Or are you actually proposing I cut my food with a frisbee.
WcW, Aug 14 2008

       Ah, so you are selling replacement tangs, as this is the part of any knife that was excluded from your exclusions.
Giblet, Aug 14 2008

       Okay, I think I get it everyone! It's like "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!". You can only define it by what it's not, not by what it is.
WhereYouAt, Aug 14 2008

       //Ah, so you are selling replacement tangs, as this is the part of any knife that was excluded from your exclusions.// [Giblet]   

       Tang's part of the blade, I thought. I figured he was selling a matched set of pommel & quillions, or maybe a tsuba.   

       Now, what *I* want is an edge without a blade (I would use it to slice _Cheshire_ cheese, of course).
mouseposture, Aug 15 2008


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