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Analog web wristwatch

Wristwatch with web enabled hand
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A classically styled wristwatch with an extra hand that is wirelessly web enabled. From a desktop computer, you set up any information source you want as the input for controlling the hand position. A server checks the information source, and then updates the hand position, and sends the watch a wireless message to position the hand. For example, the watch hand could be programmed to indicate: The current value of your stock portfolio, the difference between the scores in the current sports game, the days remaining before your friends birthday, the current bid price of your item up for sale on eBay, whatever you like. The hand would be exactly like a regular watch hand, and you would program the way the number is translated into position. For example, 12:00 could indicate that your stock was at yesterday's price, to the right of 12:00 would indicate up and to the left would indicate down, in one dollar per hour mark units. On a fancy model, you could select from various information sources by adjusting the watch.
Krate, Mar 18 2002

GPS Watch http://www.casio.com/gps/top.html
Close, but no cigar [dag, Mar 19 2002]

Linux Wristwatch http://www.freeos.com/articles/3800
Here's the cigar. [dag, Mar 19 2002]

Found it elsewhere. http://www.linuxjou...rticle.php?sid=3993
Freeos.com seems to be tango-uniform. [StarChaser, Mar 21 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       How would you know which piece of information is being displayed at any given time? I mean you might set it to keep track of a stock (in which you've invested your nest egg), but then the kids come home from school and modify the setting to the weather forecast. As you watch the hand slowly sink, you begin to consider leaping from the window...
phoenix, Mar 18 2002

       I like this. If you had broad enough wireless service, you could also use it as a time-piece that would automatically adjust to the correct time zone as you travel.
beauxeault, Mar 19 2002

       About Beau's comment "If you had broad enough wireless service, you could also use it as a time-piece that would automatically adjust to the correct time zone as you travel."   

       ...A watch could do the same thing by "talking" to wireless phone/data networks or by including GPS. (Meaning you don't need a web server). But that's not in the spirit of this idea!
randydarden, Mar 19 2002

       Dag, I'm getting an error from that link. Says 'access denied'. Is it necessary to log into the site? <Tries the base URL> Nope, same error there.   

       <Reads through the stuff on the site he found> That's just crazy. <grin> These linux-foos are silly.
StarChaser, Mar 21 2002


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