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an info field

no login wifi broadcasted html pages
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I was seated in my running vehicle, at the airport pickup zone, straining to see the arrivals board through the glass doors when I wondered why my old smart phone couldn't tell me. Of course, I could go on line through GSM and go to the airports site but why can't I be served the arrival/departure board instead of a wifi logon. Just see a hotspot labeled Arrivals, connect and get the information.
wjt, Aug 13 2012


       I'm impressed that you can see the arrivals board through the glass doors from curbside at your local airport. But if a wifi logon hotspot or local radio tune-in isn't already available for this sort of information, then this seems like a clear and inexpensive benefit to patrons.   

       Obviously, too, the idea can be expanded beyond airport curbsides to other transportation hubs, popular restaurants with seating waitlists, movie theaters, and other spots that generate spontaneous visits in volume. I suppose the same concept could also be used by other comparatively low volume locations, like real-estate listings, but presume this base is already covered by the existing technology.
jurist, Aug 13 2012

       What can usefully be done with this information?   

       I mean, arn't you generally going to wait until whoever you're going to pickup has arrived anyway? If they're going to be really late you'd want to find that out before setting off for the airport.
Loris, Aug 13 2012


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